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About Gen II eLenderSoft
Gen II eLenderSoft, the revolutionary approach to mortgage banking, is a web-based mortgage banking solution integrated with rules-driven business process management, giving you access and flexibility without sacrificing security and speed.

Gen II eLenderSoft is designed for the Retail and Wholesale Mortgage Banker of any size. Gen II eLenderSoft automates your mortgage processes: from sales to accounting. Gen II eLenderSoft is unique to all competitors because it allows full customization.

Every mortgage banker operates his business differently. You may obtain software that performs 60-70% of your expectations. Gen II eLenderSoft allows you to customize and maximize your ability to run the business 100% efficiently.

Gen II eLenderSoft also helps increase office efficiency, reduces errors, helps get loans closed quicker and helps employees do a better overall job; leading to improved job satisfaction, which in turn reduces employee turnover. Since Gen II eLenderSoft is a 100% web-based system, users can access it from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection.

Gen II eLenderSoft will fit a company of any size, from as small as 10 users to thousands of users.

What we have learned?
After years of implementing eLenderSoft, we learned from experience and the frustration of different mortgage companies as their growth was limited by an unexpandable system.

Most systems are either too simple: that do not meet the requirement, or too complex: that confuses users by unnecessary features.

Thus, eKomas decided to create an engine, that has the standard features, but allows the individual company to customize the program to fit their business. The result is Gen II eLenderSoft.

To be the winner of today's market place, you have to react quickly. The system you implement should not only allow you to control every angle in your business, but also allow you to change the control quickly, as needed.

Gen II eLenderSoft Features
Traditional mortgage-banking programs are just that: mortgage-banking programs that do nothing more than the basic loan originating and processing. Gen II eLenderSoft does this efficiently, and more: it is also a customer and personnel management system, a system administrative tool, and a personal work space. And because the platform is dynamic and the modules rules-driven; the program allows customization and adaptation. This flexibility enables GenII to be the basic platform for widely different applications across the financial spectrum.

Traditional competitors deliver some but not most, the barrier being the technology. Typically they run on Windows, a vulnerable, unstable, costly, and expensive platform. The client-based connection requires cumbersome installation that restricts access and mobility. The static design makes these programs best-fitted for their present purpose, but not adaptable to later changes. However, Gen II eLenderSoft reaches beyond these limitations of the traditional competitors. Gen II eLenderSoft runs on Linux; a secure, stable, cheap, and fast platform. Because it is server-based, Gen II eLenderSoft is accessible at anytime, from anywhere; as easy as accessing a website. Gen II eLenderSoft is dynamically designed, making it customizable and flexible.

Loan Process
Gen II eLenderSoft spares the loan officer from the duplicate data entry task through its data synchronization feature. Multiple borrowers on the same loan? Easy. With a click of a button, Gen II eLenderSoft automatically inputs the loan detail for each borrower. A second loan by the same borrower? Gen II eLenderSoft can retrieve the personal information from the first loan for automatic input into the second one.

The added Rules-based pricing engine module (Optional) in Gen II eLenderSoft helps the loan officer execute faster search for the best program for a borrower. Search is highly flexible and yet smart, items can easily be added in search to procure the best matches. Gen II eLenderSoft features a Field History control fucntion that tracks every change done onto a field. The loan officer will know immediately whether a field was changed, and by whom.
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Customer and Personnel Management
Managers of a mortgage-banking company need to take care of both their customers and personnel. The features of Profiles and Roles gives the manager ability of not only to assign rights and permissions to access and modify pages, but also to streamline organizational communication. Tasks can be assigned to groups of personnel or selected persons, and Events can be announced similarly. Managers have complete control over who will receive the messages, and the intended recipients can always view the messages easily by checking their mailbox.

To this suite of Business Process Management are added two powerful generator tools, Report Generator and Letter Generator. These generators easily save time doing the tedious office task, so managers can concentrate on what matters most, management. The report generator requires no coding, and the user can even control the layout and appearance of the report.

The Accounts feature manages all the different financial entities one does business with, such as Escrow, Wholesale, and Borrower, while the Contacts feature lets you input the contact details of these entities. The best thing of all, GenII will automatically update the related data fields in the loan forms, so that you don't have to input these all over again.

Gen II eLenderSoft is highly integrated, and yet it is still a personal work space. One loan officer does not need to see the work space of another, but a manager may need to compare the performance of both, and so we have made sure that our Rights Control feature takes real good care of permission and rights. Access to data fields can be set to read-only or modifiable or denied altogether, by simply assigning the proper Roles to the user. Whole pages can be hidden from view, in a similar way. Gen II gives all this privacy, while allowing multiple users to be logged on at the same time.

System Administration
The Administrator using Gen II eLenderSoft will enjoy the administrative tools that are very powerful and yet very simple to use. Display customization, rights assignment, and even system programming are often a simple matter of a click, type, and save. Because of this dynamic design, administrators can easily edit fields, add pages, change displays, and even install modules without the drudgery of hardcoding.

The Data Dictionary lets the administrator create and edit fields, renaming them, changing attributes, defining rights. Systemwide change is easily implemented upon clicking Save. The inclusion and arrangement of fields in a group are controlled via Group Control. Finally, the Page Control gives the administrator the ability to manage inclusion and arrangement of field groups within a page, edit page appearance, and finally defining rights of access.

Who Needs Gen II eLenderSoft?
- Retail Lenders
- Wholesale Lenders
- Mortgage Bankers
- Net Branch Operations
- Banks
- Credit Unions
- Brokers becoming Lenders

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