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About Gen II Platform
None of the applications available in the market today is tailored to fit the specific needs of any business. This is largely because customization of applications is extremely time-consuming. In addition, developments and changes in a business are too rapid for the application customization to keep up with.

Here are eKomas, we have developed a platform with that will present application developers with unprecedented ease of customization and flexibility.

Gen II Features
Gen II is a web-based framework that allows for rapid application development.
Gen II is fully scalable, open and supports multiple operating Systems and Databases.
Gen II is highly customizable and can be rapidly deployed without extensive programming knowledge.
Rules changes can be easily implemented via the rule-based interfaces, thereby eliminating "hard-coded" rules
Gen II offers increased efficiency and lower cost by using LAMP technology

Gen II Technology
Gen II uses the LAMP technology, an Open Source Website platform combination of Operating System (Linux), Web server (Apache), database (MySQL) and scripting language (PHP). Known for its reliability, LAMP is the platform of choice for the development and deployment of high performance web applications. The LAMP platform offers a low-cost and highly productive programming environment, particularly for web-based applications.

Who uses Gen II?
Due to the high flexibility and customization of the Gen II platform, it can be deployed in any industry. An application developer who is familiar with an industry will customize Gen II to fit his clients' needs with little programming knowledge.

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