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Gen II Platform
Gen II Platform is a rules-driven, 100% true web-based Business Process Management engine. It is designed to help companies optimize their business processes.
Gen II Platform is highly customizable and we will tailor it to fit your needs a timely manner.

Gen II is a unique platform with unprecedented customizability and scalability. None of the applications available in the market today is tailored to fit the specific needs of any business. This is largely due to the fact that customization of applications is extremely time-consuming.in addition, developments and changes in a business are too rapid for the application customization to keep up with.

The ease of customization of the Gen II software is unprecedented in the industry. Our goal is for Gen II to match your operational process rather than you having to adjust what you do to accommodate the software.

Customization is a very important part of the services we offer you. It is also a vital step in the implementation process. For more details on customization, please contact our sales department.

Real Estates and Mortgage Web Sites
We help design Real Estates and Mortgage Web sites which make you able to get online application and perform search to houses and loan program.

Mortgage Banker Solutions
Gen II eLenderSoft, the revolutionary approach to mortgage banking, is a web-based mortgage banking solution integrated with rules-driven business process management, giving you access and flexibility without sacrificing security or speed.
Gen II Platform is highly customizable and we will tailor it to fit your needs a timely manner.

Text Messaging Solutions
We've deisgned a sophiscated Text Messaging Technology that will fully using text message to automate your business and improve your marketing effort.
SMS can do much more than you can imagine and we are here to provide you the solution.
We offer custom made SMS Software Packages that allow your company to automate your business process and reduce human interaction.
We also offer license our technology to some Text Messaging Marketing Company in United States.

Mobile Application
We design Mobile Application in JAVA for Nokia and Sony Ericsson Phone. Mobile Application can usually improve the accessibility of your system and allow your employees or customers to interact with your system through GPRS/EDGE/3G Internet Connection.

Gaming Web Site
We've designed numbers of Gaming Web sites with our Gen II platform. Most Gaming Web site we designed were integrated with our Text Messaging & Mobile Technology.

eCommerce Web Site
We also helps company to deisgn unique Shopping cart for online businesses. Contact us to see some sample we've designed for some of our customers.

Website Design, Development & Maintenance
Web Designing & Development, Portal Development, interactive template design, Updating of websites, online payment solutions.

Dating / Friendship Web Site
We help design Dating / Community Network web site.

IT Management & Support
We help manage and troubleshooting System in Linux, Unis, Solaris and Microsoft Platform.

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