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eKomas provides software solutions for the mortgage industry to help bankers, lenders, and brokers automate loan processing and manage business operation. Our products utilize the latest web-based technology to enable mortgage operation at any time and from any where, with modest cost and minimal maintenance.
GFounded in 2002, eKomas emerged as a young player on the competitive arena of mortgage-banking software. The huge multibillion dollar mortgage industry was then served by hundreds of software companies, but none of them offered what the industry needed the most: a reliable, secure, and robust system that does not sacrifice reasonableness of cost and ease of access. At the heart of this problem is the client-server system, an inadequate technology which does not measure up to the complexity of most of today's mortgage operation. Recognizing this need, eKomas comprehensively embraced the latest web-based technology to give mortgage bankers all what the web has to offer: limitless access and painless maintenance at a fraction of the cost of a client-server system. Our softwares are also fully integrated within a Rules-Driven Business Process Management (BPM) to give our customers not only the tools to process their loans but also the system to manage their business. And we mount our products on a platform of dynamic design to allow our more ambitious customers the complete liberty to customize our product to their specific need. We combine our traditional expertise in mortgage industry and our newest web-based technology to give our customers a reliable tool in their business.
At eKomas, we believe in the primacy of our customers as strongly as they trust the reliability of our products. We provide an error reporting feature that will inform our support personnel of an error so that we can implement a correction in the shortest possible time. Our free and effective telephone support is the envy of our competitors. The glowing praise of our customers speaks more volume than our boasts could hope to describe.
With more than thirty technology personnel working constantly to improve our products, eKomas is expanding rapidly in breathless pace with the growing number of our loyal customers. Our prospect for the future has never been brighter; we are inventing and innovating every day to give your business the best technology it richly deserves.

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